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The Lubec Water District's goal is and always has been, to provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. Our district has three sources of water supply. One is a covered spring. The other two sources are gravel packed wells. All three sources are located on the district land located at the end of the pumping station road. Also located here are the district office and pumping facilities. The district’s water supply and distribution system includes 17.7 miles of water main, 538 year round water services and 125 seasonal water services. We also provide fire protection services through 88 fire hydrants. We also maintain a 60,000 gallon underground reservoir at the pumping station. We also maintain two Aqua-store water storage tanks, which were installed in 1999 and 2000. The first tank is located in West Lubec and has a 314,000 gallon capacity.  The second tank is located on School Street and has a 278,000 gallon capacity. This amount of water storage capacity allows us to maintain peak system demands at all times. Until September 2000 the only chemical the district injected into the water system was, sodium fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.  As of September 2000 the district started chlorinating the water supply.